An Example Of An Online Staffing Service From The New York Times

Here is staffing service business highlighted in the New York Times [Link is to the subscription page. This is not an affiliate link. I just highly recommend the newspaper.]

In addition to my medical practice, I am an online entrepreneur with several projects in various stages of development. And I act as a consultant to friends on their online projects.

Starting a staffing service is a good example of an online business. There are many online resources on the subject [as usual, a great way to get started, other than having a friend or partner in the business is to use Google search: [Examples: “starting a staffing service”, “recruiting high quality talent”].

Another quick way into the subject of starting a staffing service is the book, Start Your Own Staffing Service, 2nd edition; Your Step-by-Step Guide to Success.

This post is about a nationwide start-up staffing service reported on in the New York Times, name of the company.

In this post I link to and excerpt from the New York Times article of 4/23/2020, Be a Friend to the Elderly, Get Paid:

Combating loneliness is vital work. Services that offer “grandkids on demand” are doing just that.

Here are the excerpts [Parts in brackets are my comments or summaries]:

Bill Rodger, 91, often finds himself sitting on a worn flower-print couch in his living room in North Hollywood, Calif., facing a wall of accolades that document his long life.

[He mostly doesn’t have anything to do and has no visitors.]

The admission warranted a warm pat on Mr. Rodger’s shoulder from a smiling young man sitting beside him. Ricardo Figueroa, 31, isn’t a family member or caretaker or even a neighbor. He’s a paid companion who was connected to Mr. Rodger through Papa, a health tech company that provides “grandkids on demand.”

Before the new coronavirus pandemic, the two spent multiple hours together each week — running errands, going to dialysis appointments, or just watching movies. Today, their relationship is restricted to phone calls but they remain close.

“The whole situation is so scary,” said Mr. Figueroa on the phone, from his home. “So just talking to him is so uplifting.”

Likewise, Mr. Rodger said, “It’s good to hear from him!”

The two men are a good match by design. Founded in 2018, Papa pairs older adults with college students and young workers who have common interests and hobbies. Mr. Rodger and Mr. Figueroa are both military veterans who enjoy documentaries, sports and an occasional beer, and they live within a few blocks of each other.

But whereas the 5,000 Papa pals once played card games or worked on memoirs with the seniors they have befriended, today they are FaceTiming or calling each other to discuss a world in disarray.

Some have shifted to running errands, picking up groceries or prescriptions. For these and other tasks, they make between $11 and $14 an hour, not including tips and covered expenses like gas, on a freelance basis. (Papa is currently available in 20 states; the company typically charges clients $20 to $25 an hour.)

It is worth exploring the site for ideas for your staffing business.

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