Best COVID-19 Resource – “COVID-19” Revised March 29, 2020 by Dr Josh Farkas From The Internet Book Of Critical Care

4-2-2020: As he promised, Dr. Farkas has been continually updating his COVID 19 chapter. And his most recent revision was on 3-29-2020. You can download his awesome post as a PDF to your phone or tablet. The links in this post will still take you to Dr. Farkas most recent revision.

In this post I link to Dr. Josh Farkas‘ outstanding COVID-19* article, revised March 29, 2020 From The Internet Book Of Critical Care. [Link is to the Table of Contents.]

*This article is so great that literally every clinician (physician, nurse, pharmacist, NP, PA, EMT, and Paramedic) should completely review this resource.

Note to myself: When I review this post again, along with this chapter, I need to reread all the related great links within the chapter.

Here are the direct links to the COVID-19 article:


Basic biology

Infection control
Treatment: General protocols
Treatment: Specific anti-viral & immunosuppressive therapies
Treatment: Additional issues by organ system
Questions & discussion
PDF of this chapter (or create customized PDF)
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