A Link To “Covid 19: A primer on ICU care for the non-intensivist. St Emlyn’s”

For more resources on Critical Care see Critical Care For Non-Intensivists, March 25, 2020 from EMCrit.

The St. Emelyn’s post referenced in this (my) post is part of the EMCrit Minicourse above [my term for posts that feature a number of FOAMed resources that taken together can be considered as a “minicourse” on a specific topic].

This post has the links to St. Emelyn’s Blog post, Covid 19: A primer on ICU care for the non-intensivist. St Emlyn’s by Dr. Simon Carley on March 24, 2020.

Note to myself: This podcast and post is outstanding and is worth reviewing again and again.

The place to start is reviewing this excellent podcast and show notes [Link is to both resources]. Follow along with the show notes as you listen to the podcast [unless, of course, you are listening to the podcast while you drive].

I’ve embedded the podcast below. As you listen to it you’ll want to be reviewing the show notes to deepen your retention.

Note to myself: I’ve not excerpted anything from the show notes because every part of them is important.

But I do want to remind myself that the tidal volume that you set on the ventilator is based on the person’s ideal body weight not on the actual body weight.

Here is the link to the MDCalc Ideal Body Weight and Adjusted Body Weight Calculator:

Calculates ideal body weight (Devine formula) and adjusted body weight.

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