Birds Of A Feather Recruiting And Links To Additional Recruiting Resources

For every growing business, effective hiring is one of the keys to success.

The best advice I’ve ever received from a recruiter is “The birds of a feather rule”.

Find a person who is incredibly successful at the type of position you’re looking to fill.

See if you can get a person introduction to the individual.

Quickly let the individual know that you are looking for someone with his or her outstanding qualities.

You tell him or her that you know that they are very happy at their current position.

But you ask them if they know of any friends or colleagues who share their excellent skill set. And if they do, would ask that person if you could contact them. This is Birds Of A Feather Recruiting.

Here is the link to How to Recruit and Hire When You Need to Move Fast, Elad Gil, July 2018 from Medium:

As you scale from hiring 10 people a year to 10 people a week, a small number of processes can go a long way.

The above post is from The High Growth Handbook, 2018 by Elad Gil.

For a detailed look at the nuts and bolts of recruiting employees, please see Executive Recruiting For Dummies, 2107.




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