“Curbsider Supplement: The 30 Second Knee Exam with Dr. Ted Parks” – Great YouTube Video

This video on the knee exam is from The Curbsiders, Curbsider Supplement: The 30 Second Knee Exam with Dr. Ted Parks, is outstanding:

I recently reviewed an excellent podcast and show notes on chronic knee pain, Episode #98 Knee Pain: History, exam, bracing, x-rays, and injectables [Link is to the show notes and podcast] from the Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast.

I posted on the podcast and added additional resources on my post “Knee Pain” – Episode #98 From The Curbsiders With Additional Resources Posted on October 5, 2018 by Tom Wade MD. [Note to myself: Review the post as it has excellent additional resources on chronic knee pain as well as useful excerpts from the podcast show notes.]


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