Have You Experienced a Difficult Medical Diagnosis (A Medical Puzzle) That You’d Like To Share To Help Others?

If you personally have had experience with a difficult medical diagnosis (a medical puzzle) and would like to share what you learned to help others, contact me at drwade@tomwademd.net. With your permission, I’ll schedule a time to talk to you by phone and then write up and publish what you learned in our blog.

Carotid duplex scanIf you’d like to see examples of medical puzzles (difficult medical diagnoses), the two sites listed below are excellent. They will challenge you to think like a doctor and make the diagnosis.

For the past nine years the New York Times has had a column in which difficult medical diagnoses are discussed and the diagnosis given. The index is available at https://topics.nytimes.com/topics/news/health/columns/diagnosis/index.html.

For the last year, Dr. Lisa Sanders has written a column in the NYT called “Think Like a Doctor”. In the column she gives the readers the clues that the doctor had available to make the diagnosis. And she challenges the reader to come up with the diagnosis. The index is available at https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/category/doctors/think-like-a-doctor-doctors/.

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