“How to Use OBS Studio – 2023 Beginner Tutorial”

Today, I reviewed, linked to, and embedded Howfinity‘s How to Use OBS Studio – 2023 Beginner Tutorial,

Here is a complete tutorial on how to use OBS studio. OBS studio is a free application for Windows PC, Mac and Linux for video recording and live streaming. You can record you screen, game play, web cam and you can stream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and pretty much any streaming platform. And OBS Studio has a ton of advance options and I’ll cover the most important ones in this video as well. I’ll share some resources as well to make your steam or video capture more professional. Some include my affiliate links. To start using OBS Studio, make sure to download the official app for PC, Mac or Linux. https://obsproject.com/ Envato Elements for overlays and videos https://1.envato.market/c/2500859/298… Shure Microphone https://amzn.to/3wUFxCA Stream Deck https://amzn.to/3DEFkHk Interface overview The interface can be a bit confusing, but I’ll walk you through it as we go through the video. Settings There are a few setting options you may want to change such as steam location and recording quality. For steaming quality, you may want to choose 5000 K/Bs for best quality. If you are recording, you should also choose MP4 instead of MKV. Make sure to save your settings for streaming with OBS Studio or recording with OBS Studio. Audio mixer It is a good idea to use a high-quality USB microphone for steaming or video recording. Adding Sources Inside of each scene, you can add several sources such as web cam, external camera, screen capture, photos and more. You can also add multiple items and turn some on and off. Using Scenes Scenes in OBS studio allow you to get more advanced with your stream. You can have multiple scenes that you can cut between. Each scene can have one or several sources such as video camera, screen captures, images and videos. Thank you for watching this video! Subscribe to see more simple and easy to follow how-to videos. https://www.youtube.com/c/howfinity?s… Recommended YouTube Gear and tool: (includes affiliate links) ✅ YouTube gear checklist https://bit.ly/youtubestudioguide ▶️ Tubebuddy https://www.tubebuddy.com/howfinity 📲 More Tutorials https://howfinity.com Software/platforms: 📷 Adobe Photoshop https://bit.ly/PhotoshopHowfinityYT 🎞 Adobe Premiere https://bit.ly/PremiereProHowfinityYT 🔐 VPN https://nordvpn.org/howfinity Courses: ▶️ Grow Your Own YouTube Channel – Free Training https://bit.ly/tubementorwebinar 🎨 Photoshop Masterclass https://bit.ly/Photoshopcourse-howfinity 🎬 iMovie Video Editing Course https://bit.ly/imoviecourse

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