Link To And Excerpts From “EMCrit 266 – High Sensitivity Troponins with Louise Cullen”

In addition to Dr. Weingart’s post below, please be sure to review
Ep 128 Low Risk Chest Pain and High Sensitivity Troponin – A Paradigm Shift from Emergency Medicine Cases.

In this post I embed, link to, and excerpt from EMCrit 266 – High Sensitivity Troponins with Louise Cullen
[Link is to the podcast and show notes] February 20, 2020 by Scott Weingart.

Here is the podcast:

Here are excerpts from the show notes:

High Sensitivity Troponins

IFCC* has released a lab spec sheet on troponins

*IFCC is the abreviation for The International Federation Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Troponin values must be individualized based on your hospital’s assay 

[The above means that the values on the chart are specific to the assay that that hospital is using.]

ACS Decision Aides

Other FOAM

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