Link To And Excerpts From The Curbsiders’ #293 The Best of Liver Tests with Dr. Elliot Tapper

In this post, I link to and excerpt from The Curbsiders#293 The Best of Liver Tests with Dr. Elliot Tapper. SEPTEMBER 6, 2021, by ELENA GIBSON.

All that follows is from the above podcast and show notes.

Take a walk through Liver Land with Dr. Elliot Tapper (@ebtapper on Twitter) as we stroll through the best of liver tests. Once differentiating a hepatocellular versus cholestatic injury picture, Dr. Tapper shares some targeted labs to help with etiology, as well as what to do with those pesky isolated lab abnormalities. On top of that, we review common causes of severe acute liver disease and issues in pregnancy. Join us, and you’ll be writing more accurate notes as Dr. Tapper schools us on what “liver function tests” really mean!


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