Link To Dreamcloud’s “How To Re-Create Trending YouTube Videos Into Your Own Viral Videos” With Links To Great Resources

In this post, I link to and embed Dreamcloud‘s YouTube video, How To Re-Create Trending YouTube Videos Into Your Own Viral Videos, May 12, 2022, 36:24.

And here are the notes from the above video:

YouTube Masterclass –… 0:00 Intro 2:15 How to win YouTube Masterclass 2:52 Last weeks winner 3:38 What is VidIQ 7:08 How to use the YouTube home page to find trending topics 13:56 How to extract the script 19:08 Writing the script 26:23 Creating the voice over 29:37 Saving the audio 29:55 Adding Stock footage 34:16 Conclusion Well said labs tutorial – Rytr tutorial – Rytr – Climpchamp – Stock videos – Rev – AI writing tool (Great to write video scripts): Rytr – Soundraw – Use coupon code: dreemzone02 for 14 day free trial Animation software: Vyond – Vyond tutorial – Soundraw Tutorial – Voice over tools: Well Said Tutorial – Descript tutorial – WeVideo tutorial – Wave Video tutorial – How to find trending topics – Website: Tools For YouTube Growth: Dreamcloud Studio – More Videos: Create Videos With AI – How to recreate trending videos – Storyblocks – Email:

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