Link To The Curbsiders Greatest Hits – “#190 Recap Extravaganza 2019”

In this post I link to the podcast from #190 Recap Extravaganza 2019 – The Curbsiders:* DECEMBER 30, 2019 By SARAH PHOEBE ROBERTS 2 COMMENTS:


*Link is to the podcast and show notes.

Note to myself: I did not embed the podcast nor any of the awesome infographics to remind myself to listen again to this awesome podcast and to review the incredible infographics on the site’s show notes. Here is the link to the Curbsiders’ complete episode list.

However, here are direct links to the top five podcasts as selected by the Curbsiders:

  • #137 Hyperkalemia Master Class with Joel Topf MD
    JANUARY 28, 2019 By MATTHEW WATTO, MD “Summary: Master the management of hyperkalemia with tools, tips and tactics from @kidney_boy, Joel Topf MD, Chief of Nephrology @KashlakHospital. We cover: common causes of hyperkalemia; the U-shaped curve of potassium levels and mortality; albuterol nebs; how to safely use insulin; potassium binding resins and colonic necrosis; Does it make sense to give loop diuretics and fluids?; Should we be using fludrocortisone?; Plus, answers to all your questions about a high potassium diet and oral potassium supplements! Join us for Dr Topf’s masterful insights on hyperkalemia and potassium homeostasis. Get deeper into potassium physiology with a FREE pdf copy of Joel’s book The Fluid Electrolyte and Acid Base Companion here.”
  • #181 The Multimorbidity Games with Josh Uy MD
    NOVEMBER 4, 2019 By NORA TARANTO                                                                         “GERIATRICIAN JOSH UY SCHOOLS US ON WHY MULTIMORBIDITY IS LIKE JUGGLING AND JENGA™
    Learn how to approach the geriatric patient with multimorbidity and how to parse through and prioritize a mile-long problem list with Dr Josh Uy, master geriatrician at the University of Pennsylvania. We review different approaches to a clinic visit with a patient who takes fifteen daily medications with just as many chief complaints, all in a thirty minute (or less!) appointment time. We discuss what the term “multimorbidity” even means, how to ask about patient preferences and use them to inform the treatment plan, and what the evidence has to say about adjusting treatment goals of common conditions for individual patients. (Spoiler alert: It all depends on the patient, comorbid conditions and goals!)”
  • #187 Buprenorphine Master Class: Managing Opioid Use Disorder for the Generalist
    DECEMBER 9, 2019 By JUSTIN BERK                                                                              ” A MASTERCLASS FOR MEDICATION FOR OPIOID USE DISORDER
    How to initiate buprenorphine like a pro. Treating people with Opioid Use Disorder can be the most rewarding part of your practice! Get comfortable with counseling and pharmacotherapy for OUD with tips from Dr. Michael Fingerhood (Johns Hopkins). We review building a therapeutic relationship with people with substance use disorders, the differences between the three FDA-approved medications for opioid use disorder (buprenorphine, methadone and extended-release naltrexone), and the nitty-gritty of prescribing buprenorphine.”
  • #142 Cirrhosis TIPS for Acute Complications
    MARCH 11, 2019 By NORA TARANTO                                                                              “LIVER TODAY TO THE FULLEST WITH SCOTT MATHERLY MD @LIVERPROF
    Cirrhosis TIPS for the decompensated cirrhotic & acute on chronic liver failure from expert hepatologist and keto-practitioner Scott Matherly MD, @liverprof and chief hepatologist at @KashlakHospital. We walk through acute management of variceal bleeds, when to suspect SBP in decompensated cirrhosis (all the time, it turns out), how much fluid to remove in paracentesis, and some definitions about what decompensated cirrhosis and acute on chronic liver failure really mean. “
  • #150 HFpEF with Dr Clyde Yancy MD
    MAY 20, 2019 By BETH GARBITELLI                                                                                “Best practices update and the future of heart failure with preserved EF
    Update on current best practices and the future of HFpEF (heart failure with preserved ejection fraction) with master cardiologist, Dr Clyde Yancy MD, Chief of Cardiology and Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) and Medical Social Sciences, Northwestern, Feinberg School of Medicine. Topics include: pathophysiology, HFpEF phenotypes, how to interpret a borderline ejection fraction, evidence based therapies, diuretics, and future directions (pulmonary artery monitors, interatrial shunts, ARNI compounds), and more!”
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