Link To The Outstanding YouTube Video By Dr. Hansen – “Doctor Dies 16 Days After Getting COVID19 Vaccine”

In this post I link to the just published YouTube video by Dr. Mike Hansen, Doctor Dies 16 Days After Getting COVID19 Vaccine. Here is the introduction from Dr. Hansen’s video:

An obstetrician/gynecologist in Miami received the 1st dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Dec.18th and Shortly after receiving the vaccine, he reportedly developed acute immune thrombocytopenia. He died 16 days after getting the vaccine. His cause of death being a result of brain hemorrhage. Obviously, this is horrible. It’s tragic, and you feel for his family.

But it makes you wonder, was his death a result of the vaccine? And if it was a result of the vaccine, should that change your perspective on the vaccine? So I’m going to tell you my thoughts on this, but first lets learn a little more about what happened. Pfizer is actively investigating the case. [See the video for details.]

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