Links To And Excerpts From Dr Farkas’ PulmCrit Wee – Patient with nonfocal exam and thrombocytopenia

In this post I link to and excerpt from Dr Farkas’ PulmCrit Wee – Patient with nonfocal exam and thrombocytopenia, August 9, 2021.

All that follows is from the above post.

The case:

A ~65 year-old human presents to the ICU with a working diagnosis of vasopressor-dependent septic shock.  The patient was previously healthy with no significant medical problems or medications.  History is notable for mild nonspecific symptoms (chills, nausea, and a headache), with nothing in particular standing out.  Physical examination is unrevealing, with the patient looking OK.  Imaging studies including chest radiograph and CT of the abdomen and pelvis, are also unrevealing.  Labs are shown below.  What do you think the patient has?

What do you think?

Note to myself: After you’ve thought about it, go back to Dr. Farkas’ post where he gives you the answer.

Be sure and also review the three references at the end of the post.

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