How To Learn And Practice Problem Solving-A Critical Life Skill

Everyone has problems in his or her life. Having a specific technique that we can use to solve any problem is the way to approach a problem.

There are many great resources on problem-solving on the internet.

Here is a good one-page web page introduction to the subject: WHAT IS PROBLEM SOLVING? from ASQ:

Problem solving is the act of defining a problem; determining the cause of the problem; identifying, prioritizing, and selecting alternatives for a solution; and implementing a solution.

The place to start learning and practicing problem-solving techniques is with the brief 19-page PDF, Bright Ideas Problem Solving Skills Training For Everyday Living. This excellent booklet has all you need to get started problem-solving right now! So download the booklet and begin developing and practicing your problem-solving skills.

Here are the basic steps of the above method. Get the booklet and get started.

The Problem-Solving Process
Learning Optimism: Bright IDEAS 2
The Problem-Solving Steps 3
Step 1: Identify the Challenge 5
Step 2: Define Your Options 7
Step 3: Evaluate Your Options 7
Step 4: Act Out Your Choice 9
Step 5: See If It Worked 9
Stop and Think 11
Quick Check “Techniques” 12
Automatic Thoughts and Feelings or “What You
Think Is How You’ll Feel” 13
Learning to Be Optimistic 15
Learning Skilled Persistence 15

You will need to practice these skills daily to get better at them.

After you have been using the Bright Ideas techniques for a while, you can start reviewing other resources. But the key is to start using the techniques first before going on to other resources.

If you are having trouble applying the above techniques, see if you can find a wise counselor (perhaps a friend, a minister, a therapist) to help you apply the techniques you’ve learned.

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