Links To And Excerpts From “Ep 155 Treatment of Bradycardia and Bradydysrhythmias” From EMC

In this post I link to and excerpt from Emergency Medicine Cases’ “Ep 155 Treatment of Bradycardia and Bradydysrhythmias“*. [Link is to the podcast and show notes.]

*Helman, A. Dorian, P. Hedayati, T. Episode 155 Treatment of Bradycardia and Bradydysrhythmias. Emergency Medicine Cases. April, 2021. Accessed 5-4-2021.

So today, in addition to reviewing Episode 155 from EMC, I reviewed the following:

All that follows is from Ep 155 Treatment of Bradycardias and Bradyarrythmias.

Note to myself: Review the complete show notes linked to above. As always, I just post excerpts to help me remember and left out a lot of great points.

4-step approach to bradycardia in the ED

These steps are often done in parallel.

  1. Stable vs. unstable
  2. Symptomatic vs. asymptomatic
  3. Determine the anatomic location causing the bradycardia: SA node, AV node or His-Purkinje
  4. Assess for secondary causes of bradycardia




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