Links To And Excerpts From The Curbsiders’ “#72: Transgender Care in Primary Care”

In this post, I link to and excerpt from The Curbsiders‘ [Link is to the Full Episode List] #72: Transgender Care in Primary Care DECEMBER 11, 2017 By MATTHEW WATTO, MD.

All that follows is from the above excellent podcast and show notes.

Trans patients need excellent primary care and you can provide it with expert tips from endocrinologists, Dr Vin Tangpricha, Professor of Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine, and Dr Jeffrey Colburn, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Uniformed Services University. Learn practical tips in caring for transgender patients including: defining terms like gender dysphoria, gender nonconformity, transgender; use of pronouns; patient counseling; fertility concerns; initiating and monitoring hormonal therapy; surgical options; and how to help trans patients navigate the complexities of gender affirming therapy.


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