Link To YouTube Video “Born In The Wrong Body | The Summer Camp | Full Documentary”

For more medical information on today’s topic, please see‘s Differences (Disorders) of Sex Development (DSDs)
Updated: Nov 30, 2021
Author: Osama Al-Omar, MD, MBA, FACS, FEBU

For more information on today’s topic ,please see The Curbsiders‘ [Link is to the Full Episode List] #72: Transgender Care in Primary Care DECEMBER 11, 2017 By MATTHEW WATTO, MD.

In this post, I link to and embed the Origin Channel‘s YouTube video, Born In The Wrong Body | The Summer Camp | Full Documentary, 44:10, Jun 30, 2020.

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Every August in a secret location in America, a group of extraordinary children and their families gather for what might be the world’s most unusual summer camp: a four day break for girls who were born boys. With exclusive access to the world’s first camp for transgender kids as young as five, we meet astonishing children in the one place they can share their secret. The camp allows girls who were born as boys to undergo makeovers and take part in fashion shows. But while the kids play, their parents meet to discuss treatment plans for their children’s transitions and confront the heart-breaking realities faced by many transgender people. #LGBT #Transgender Content licensed from Firecracker Films. For any enquiries, please contact us at


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