Links To The American College Of Radiology’s “Thyroid Imaging Reporting & Data System (TI-RADS™)”

In this post, I link to the American College Of Radiology‘s “Thyroid Imaging Reporting & Data System (TI-RADS™)” accessed 8-4-202.

What follows is from the above web page.

Thyroid nodules are exceedingly common, leading to costly interventions for many lesions that ultimately prove benign.

In response, ACR committees were formed to accomplish three goals:

  1. Develop management guidelines for nodules that are discovered incidentally on CT, MRI, PET or ultrasound.
  2. Produce a lexicon to describe all thyroid nodules on sonography.
  3. Develop a standardized TI-RADS risk-stratification system based on the lexicon to inform practitioners about which nodules warrant biopsy.

TI-RADS Current Releases

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