Links To YouTube Video “Sjögren’s Syndrome & The Autonomic Nervous System – Brent Goodman, MD”

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Author: Sriya K Ranatunga, MD, MPH

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J Fam Pract. 2017 September;66(9):539-543
By Kristen Thornton, MD, CWSP, FAAFP, AGSF Marlon O. Mitchell, MD

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Posted on January 17, 2022 by Tom Wade MD

See also Anatomy, Autonomic Nervous System from StatPearls.

In this post, I link to and excerpt from the YouTube video, Sjögren’s Syndrome & The Autonomic Nervous System – Brent Goodman, MD. May 25, 2020, from Dysautonomia International.

Dr. Brent Goodman, Director of the Autonomic Lab at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ and Dysautonomia International Medical Advisory Board member, presented this lecture on Sjogren’s and dysautonomia at Dysautonomia International’s 7th Annual Conference, held in Philadelphia, July 2019.

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