Low And Slow – Calcium Channel Blocker And Beta Blocker Overdose – Links To The RRV Of EMC And To Episode 90

I’ve reviewed the video and Episode 90 in the past and both are awesome. One of the most important points made in Episode 90 is that Child Resistant Does Not Mean Child Proof! [Link is to my post Child Resistant Does Not Mean Child Proof!vPosted on July 28, 2019 by Tom Wade MD]

Rapid Review Videos from Emergency Medicine Cases:

In each series of short Rapid Reviews videos, our team reviews the key take home points from one of the EM Cases main episode podcasts.

This post links to the awesome Rapid Review Video  that quickly covers Calcium Channel Blocker and Beta Blocker Overdose – Low And Slow.

And here is the link to the also awesome parent podcast and show notes, Episode 90 – Low and Slow Poisoning, January 2017. The show notes of this episode provide a very rapid and complete review of the topic.

And here is a time stamp to the appropriate use of pediatric charcoal therapy in overdose:

35:00 – 44:00 (Spoiler alert: Although  this is great background information, I will be immediately calling my Poison Control Center for advice on any overdose patient.)




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