My email to my Senators Young and Braun – Please vote against the unfair republican senate stimulus proposals

I sent the following email to my Indiana Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun and I will post their replies here:

Dear Senator

I have been deeply troubled by the Republican senators proposal for the urgently needed stimulus package.
I have just reviewed today’s Washington Post article, “The GOP just smuggled another awful provision into the stimulus”.

The article, which is substantiated by other articles in USA Today and the New York Times, states that your bill contains a $500 billion non-transparent big business bailout.

In addition, the bill would effectively defund many medical non-profits not just Planned Parenthood (which is, of course, the target of the provision). It contains completely inadequate protections for our poorest citizens and for our unemployed citizens.

We all understand that Republican senators and congressmen who fail to follow all of the demands of the big Republican funders (the Kochs and their dark money colleagues) will certainly face well funded primary challengers the next time those Republican legislators come up for re-election.

Please, sir, do the right thing and help our ordinary people who are suffering. Disavow the usual intellectually dishonest right wing talking points and vote for the Democrats’ more just proposals. It is the patriotic thing to do.

Tom Wade MD

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