“Newborn Exam” – YouTube Video by Nina Gold for OPENPediatrics With A Link To An Additional Resource

In addition to the video embedded below, please see my post Standard Newborn Evaluation From The Newborn Nursery Orientation Manual
Posted on October 2, 2019 by Tom Wade MD:

This post contains The Standard Newborn Evaluation template or checklist from The Newborn Nursery Orientation Manual Updated 2014* from the University of Viriginia Children’s Hospital.

*This link downloads the entire manual to your computer. The manual is an excellent newborn memory aid. I’ve included the Table of Contents [in this post].

Here is the direct link to Newborn Exam” YouTube Video by Nina Gold from OPENPediatrics,* May 3, 2018.

*Be sure and visit the OPENPediatrics site, there are may excellent resources.

Here is the YouTube video:

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