“Ovary Patterns, Pearls, And Pitfalls In Adnexal Imaging” By Maitray D. Patel, MD With A Link To “Ultrasound Of Common Adnexal Cyst”s

In addition to today’s resource below, please see and review the YouTube video, Ultrasound Of Common Adnexal Cysts, 14:19, Jan 26, 2021, from 123radiology.

In this lecture we are discussing ultrasound features of Common Adnexal (ovarian) Cysts, including:

  • Simple ovarian (follicular) cysts
  • Hemorrhagic cysts
  • Endometrioma
  • Dermoid cysts (mature cystic teratoma)

In this post, I link to and embed the YouTube video, Ovary Patterns, Pearls, And Pitfalls In Adnexal Imaging, 53:46, Dec 8, 2016, from Radiology Video – radiology made easy, by Maitray D. Patel, MD.

Ovary Patterns, Pearls, and Pitfalls in Adnexal Imaging


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