Pediatric Orthopedics: Fundamentals of Peds Fracture Care From TREKK

In addition to the resources in this post, please see my post Pediatric Orthopedic Resources for some links to outstanding pediatric fracture guidelines from the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. Together these two posts provide a great review and resource for primary care management of pediatric orthopedics and fracture care.

TREKK Translating Emergency Knowledge For Kids is an outstanding pediatric emergency medicine website. The Fractures web page has links to a number of great resources on the general management of pediatric fractures.

Below are three resources from the link above that can be used as checklists are [I’ve included the first two as jpegs on this post]:

Bottom Line Recommendations: Fractures (2015) is a 2 page PDF that is worth reviewing every time your pediatric patient comes in with a possible pediatric fracture.

Clinical Practice Guideline: Peripheral neurovascular checklist  is an outstanding one page PDF checklist to consider using for all pediatric fractures.

Tools For Measuring Pain from the Hospital for Sick Children’s website About Kids Health


Recs-Peds Fractures1

Recs-Peds Fractures2

Recs-Peds Fractures4





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