Reviewing “Thoracic Oncology” From The University Of Michigan – Week 1 – Lung Cancer Overview

Week 1: Lung Cancer Overview

Today I will be posting the syllabus of the first week of  the Thoracic Oncology Course [Link is to the complete course syllabus] from The University Of Michigan via Coursera.

As I review each week’s syllabus, I’ll post that week’s syllabus.

Here are the learning objectives for Week 1:

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize incidence and mortality rates for lung cancer
  • Identify causes of the overall poor prognosis of people with lung cancer
  • Define risk factors and epidemiology of lung cancer
  • Distinguish initial diagnostic and staging concepts for patients with lung cancer
  • Classify staging criteria for patients with non-small cell and small cell lung cancer
  • Identify stage-specific goals of care and treatment options for patients with non-small cell and small cell lung cancer
  • Define the recommended surveillance after definitive treatment of lung cancer
  • Define the rationale for current lung cancer screening guidelines
  • Recognize the importance of measuring lung cancer risk
  • Distinguish risks and benefits of screening with at risk individuals

Syllabus – What you will learn from this course

Week 1 – 2 hours to complete

Lung Cancer Overview

5 videos (Total 75 min), 1 reading, 1 quiz

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