Reviewing YouTube Videos On Cricothyrotomy

In this post I link to and review some YouTube videos on cricothyrotomy:

Emergency Bougie Cricothyrotomy Procedure Explained
13,897 views•Jan 29, 2018

Emcrit on finding the cricothyroid membrane
25,410 views•Jan 28, 2015

Idealized Cric on Actual Patient
1,720 views•Jul 14, 2020

Filmed by Reuben Strayer, MD and used with patient consent.

For more on Surgical Airway, come to the EMCrit Cricothyrotomy Page [Review everything on this page.]

Surgical Airway (Cricothyrotomy) Performed by Ram Parekh [Extended Version Of The YouTube video above – 13:19]
612 views•Jul 15, 2020

Scalpel Finger Bougie I
568 views•Jul 14, 2020

Scalpel Finger Bougie II
631 views•Jul 14, 2020

Bougie-Aided Cricothyrotomy by Darren Braude

The bougie can make an open cric much easier. Here is airway master Darren Braude, MD demonstrating this technique.

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