A Primer On How To Create A Medical Education Website From The Curbsiders

In this post I link to and excerpt from the April 2, 2020 Curbsiders episode by Matthew Watto MD, #203 How to Create an Online Curriculum for Medical Education – A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE FOR MEDICAL EDUCATORS WITH DRS. KAT ZECHAR AND AMREET SIDHU:

Create your own online curriculum for #meded with this Step-by-Step guide for medical educators by Drs. Kat Zechar MD, @inked_caduceus and Amreet Sidhu MD@Brosencephalon. They teach us how to identify learner’s needs and develop an online curriculum complete with self assessment tools, remote lectures, audio & video content and interactive cases. We discuss specific software tools and the basic hardware that you’ll need to get your online meded curriculum up and running. You should also check out this guide to building your online curriculum at https://www.brosencephalon.com/onlinecurriculum.

Time Stamps [The clinical material begins at 9:30.]

  • 00:00 Announcement: We’re looking for pre-med and medical Student members. Send applications to thecurbsiders@gmail.com by deadline April 10, 2020.
  • 01:22 Intro, disclaimer and guest bios
  • 03:38 Guest one-liners, Picks of the week*: Gumption (book) by Nick OffermanMan Search for Meaning (book) by Viktor FranklDeath Stranding (videogame)Alita: Battle Angel (film)
  • 09:30 Why you might need an online meded curriculum
  • 16:33 Overview of Amreet and Kat’s online curriculum
  • 21:15 Website, domain name, media hosting, software (Vimeo, Zoom meeting software) and WordPress plugins; Zoom can record audio, video or screen recording (i.e. for a speaker going through slides) and equipment
  • 36:35 How to generate self-assessment tools: ABIM blueprint, quiz questions and interactive cases (from twinery.org)
  • 46:35 Time commitment
  • 50:55 Take home points and Outro

I have embedded the podcast below:

Continue at 34:51.

And here are excerpts:


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