Use The Super BVM For Bag-Mask-Ventilation – Great YouTube Video By Dr. Kovacs

Dr. Kovacks, the leader of Airway Interventions & Management In Emergencies [The group puts on outstanding airway training courses] has posted an outstanding video titled Waveform Capnography Update.

In the video Dr. Kovacks shows us the Super BVM which consists of an oxygen reservoir, a PEEP valve, and a waveform capnography hook up. And he explains why we must have our BVM equipped with all these accessories – it is because only with the Super BVM can we detect and correct serious hypoxemia in a timely manner (due to pulse ox lag by the time the oximeter shows hypoxia it may be too late). Our waveform capnography will alert us to a ventilation  problems causing an oxygenation problem much earlier.


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