YouTube Video: EMCrit 299 – Bougie Master Class with George Kovacs

In this post I link to and embed Dr. Scott Weingart’s YouTube video, EMCrit 299 Boogie Master Class With George Kovacs.* May 29, 2021:

How to use the endotracheal tube introducer to increase first pass success and rescue failed airways. George Kovacs is the creator of AIME Airway and one of the foremost airway thinkers in Canada.

*Link is to watch the video on YouTube. When you watch on YouTube, you can follow along on the autogenerated transcript. E

All that follows is from EMCrit 299 – Bougie Masterclass with George Kovacs
May 29, 2021 by Scott Weingart, MD FCCM:

If you are not using the bougie for your intubations then you are leaving first pass success on the table. Today, George Kovacs on how to use the bougie, aka the tracheal tube introducer. This is a remix of two lectures from Georges amazing AIME Airway Project. If you want to hear the full version, click on over to George’s Youtube (Part 1 & Part 2).

George discusses when to use the bougie, how to use the bougie, and the part that I liked best, advanced bougie techniques.

More Bougie on EMCrit

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