YouTube Video “IV Vasoactive Medication Basics for the Non-Intensivist” From The COVID-19 Toolbox

In this post I link to the outstanding YouTube video “IV Vasoactive Medication Basics for the Non-Intensivist” from The COVID-19 Toolbox.*

*Here is the link to all of the YouTube videos for Non-intensivists. The videos are from the Toolbox above. All of these videos are great introductions or reviews for all clinicians (MDs, Pharm Ds, APNs, RNs, PAs, EMTs, Paramedics.)

Work in progress. Start vid at 3:52

Add resources on preparing the infusions – concentrations etc.

Add resources on preparing and always having ready push dose pressors.

Add link to Dr. Weinguart’s outstanding Critical Care Manual – at this time in history, every clinician needs it.

Also link to the ACLS Handbook, another awesome resource for nowadays.

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