A Great Free Anesthesia e-book

Here is a great free e-book:

Understanding Anesthesia: A Learner’s Guide
Dr. Karen Raymer, MD, MSc, FRCP(C)
Clinical Professor, Department of Anesthesia, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University

Understanding Anesthesia: A Learner’s Guide is a textbook aimed at medical students, first year anesthesia residents, and other residents who require anesthesia experience as part of their training. It is a part of the curriculum for clinical clerks in their anesthesia rotation at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, McMaster University.

Latest version: 1.1.1 (Feb. 25, 2013)
Now available on Apple’s iBookstore! [Means iTunes and link is to the book preview.]

There are several ways to use the textbook. It is available for personal use free of charge. iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and Mac OS X users will likely prefer to download a version available for iBooks, which, in addition to the main text, contains interactive elements and media such as quizzes, videos, diagrams, slideshows, and a glossary. Please read the section titles “Getting the most from iBooks” in the preface of the textbook. Other users can download a PDF version. Students at McMaster University with access to the anatomy lab can find the textbook on the iPads in the lab. Two versions for iBooks have been created: one with and one without video. The latter may be useful for students with space constraints on their iPads.

The download links are available on this website [the author’s website]. If you choose to download the iBooks version, instructions are available to help you install it, as it is not presently available on the iBooks store [It is available on itunes at the time of this post on 3-9-2015 – see link above].


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