The Complete (To 3-7-2016) List of Emergency Medicine Cases Podcasts

Emergency Medicine Cases is simply a treasure trove of clinical knowledge relevant to every primary care physician, nurse, nurse practioner, and physician’s assistant.

The following is a list of all the Emergency Medicine Cases podcasts PDFs [the preceding link is to the show notes and podcast links for each podcast] available from the site as of today’s date (3-7-2016):

Download individual pdf EM Cases Summaries by clicking on the episode title below

Episode 77 Fever in the Returning Travelerwith Nananin Meshkat & Matthew Muller

Episode 76 Pediatric Procedural Sedationwith Amy Drendel

Episode 75 Decision Making in EM Part 2with Walter Himmel, Chris Hicks & David Dushenski

Episode 74 Opioid Misuse in EMwith David Juurlink & Reuben Strayer

Episode 73 Pediatric Seizure & Status Epilepticus with Angelo Mikrogianakis & Lawrence Richer

Episode 72 ACLS Guidelines 2015 Post Arrest Carewith Laurie Morrison, Steve Lin & Scott Weingart

Episode 71 ACLS Guidelines 2015 Cardiac Arrestwith Laurie Morrison & Steve Lin

Episode 70 End of Life Care in EM with Howard Ovens, Shona MacLachlan & Paul Miller

Episode 69 Obesity Emergency Managementwith Rich Levitan, David Barbic & Andrew Sloas

Episode 68 Sickle Cell Disease with John Foote & Richard Ward

Episode 67 Pediatric Pain Management with Anthony Crocco & Samina Ali

Episode 66 Backboard and Collar Nightmares from EMU Conference with Kylie Bosman

Episode 65 IV Iron for Anemia in EM with Walter Himmel, Jeannie Callum & Yulia Lin

Episode 64 Highlights from Update in EM Conference Whistler 2015 Part 2with David Carr & Chris Hicks

Episode 63 Pediatric DKA with Sarah Reid & Sarah Curtis

Episode 62 Diagnostic Decision Making Part 1 with Walter Himmel, Chris Hicks & David Dushenski 

Episode 61 Highlights from Update in EM Conference Whistler 2015with Joel Yaphe, Paul Hannam & Anil Chopra

Episode 60  Emergency Management of Hyponatremia with Melanie Baimel & Edward Etchells

Episode 59 Bronchiolitiswith Sanjay Mehta & Dennis Scolnik

Episode 58 Tendons & Ligaments: Commonly Missed Uncommon Orthopaedic Injuries with Ivy Cheng & Hossein Mehdian

Episode 56 Stiell Sessions 1 – Clinical Decision Rules & Risk Scales with Ian Stiell & Hans Rosenberg

Episode 55 Weingart Himmel Sessions 2 – Fluids in Sepsis & Post-Inbutation Sedation with Scott Weingart & Walter Himmel

Episode 54 Weingart Himmel Sessions – Preoxygenation & DSI with Walter Himmel & Scott Weingart

Episode 53 Pediatric POCUS Ch1 Forearm Nerve Blockwith Jason Fischer

Episode 53 Pediatric POCUS Ch2 Lung with Alyssa Abo

Episode 53 Pediatric POCUS Ch3 Appendicitis & Intussusception with Adam Sivitz & Alex Arroyo

Episode 52 Commonly Missed Uncommon Orthopedic Injuries with Ivy Cheng & Hossein Mehdian

Episode 51 Managing Difficult Patients with Walter Himmel, Jean Pierre Champagne & Ann Shook

Episode 50 Recognition & Management of Pediatric Sepsis & Septic Shock with Gina Neto & Sarah Reid

Episode 49 Effective Patient Communication, Patient Centered Care & Patient Satisfaction with Walter Himmel, Jean Pierre Champagne & Ann Shook

Episode 48 Pediatric Fever Without a Source with Sarah Reid & Gina Neto

Episode 47 Evidence Based Medicinewith Walter Himmel

Episode 46 Social Media in Emergency Medicine Learningwith Rob Rogers, Ken Milne & Brent Thoma

Episode 45 Swadron on Vertigo, Mattu on Cardiology Literature from EM Update Conference 2014with Stuart Swadron & Amal Mattu

Episode 44 Whistler’s Update in EM Conference Highlights 2014with Joel Yaphe, Lisa Thurgur & David Carr

Episode 43 Appendicitis Controversieswith David Dushenski & Brian Steinhart

Episode 42 Mesenteric Ischemia & Pancreatitiswith David Dushenski & Brian Steinhart

Episode 41 Hypertensive Emergencies with Joel Yaphe & Clare Atzema

Episode 40 Asymptomatic Hypertension with Joel Yaphe & Clare Atzema

Episode 39 Update in Trauma Literature with Dave MacKinnon & Mike Brzozowski

Episode 38 ENT Emergencies with Leeor Sommer & Maria Ivankovic

Episode 37 Anticoagulants, PCCs & Platelets with Walter Himmel, Katerina Pavenski & Jeannie Callum

Episode 36 Transfustions, Anticoagulants & Bleeding with Walter Himmel, Katerina Pavenski & Jeannie Callum

Episode 35 Pediatric Orthopedic Emergencies with Sanjay Mehta & Jonathan Pirie

Episode 34 Geriatric Emergency Medicinewith Don Melady & Jaques Lee

Episode 33 Oncologic Emergencieswith John Foote & Joel Yaphe

Episode 32 Whistler’s Update in Emergency Medicine Conference 2013

Episode 31 Lumbar Puncture, Spontaneous Pneumothorax & Ultrasound-Guided Fracture Reduction

Episode 30 Central Lines, Surgical Airways & Pericardiocentesiswith Jordan Chenkin & Jamie Blicker

Episode 29 Hand Emergencies with Andrew Arcand & Laura Tate

Episode 28 Aortic Dissection, Acute Limb Ischemia & Compartment Syndrome with David Carr & Anil Chopra

Episode 27 Drugs of Abuse – Stimulants & Opiateswith Margaret Thompson & Lisa Thurgur

Episode 26 Low Back Pain Emergencies with Walter Himmel & Brian Steinhart

Episode 25 Pediatric & Adult Syncopewith Anna Jarvis & Eric Letovsky

Episode 24 COPD & Pneumoniawith Anil Chopra & John Foote

Episode 23 Vaginal Bleeding in Early Pregnancywith Ross Claybo & Dave Dushenski

Episode 22 Whistler’s Update in Emergency Medicine Conference 2012

Episode 21 Pulmonary Embolismwith John Foote & Anil Chopra

Episode 20 Atrial Fibrillationwith Clare Atzema, Nazanin Meshkat & Bryan Au

Episode 19 P2 Pediatric Gastroenteritis, Constipation & Bowel Obstructionwith Anna Jarvis & Stephen Freedman

Episode 19 P1 Pediatric Abdominal Pain & Appendicitiswith Anna Jarvis & Stephen Freedman

Episode 18 P2 More Point of Care Ultrasoundwith Jordan Chenkin, Greg Hall, Jason Fischer & Paul Hannam

Episode 18 P1 Point of Care Ultrasound Pearls, Pitfalls & Controversieswith Jordan Chenkin, Greg Hall, Jason Fischer & Paul Hannam

Episode 17 P1 Emergency Stroke Controversieswith Walter Himmel & Dan Selchen

Episode 17 P2 Stroke, Dabigitran & Intracranial Hemorrhagewith Walter Himmel & Dan Selchen

 Episode 16 Acute Monoarthritiswith Joel Yaphe & Indy Ghosh

Episode 15 P2 Acute Coronary Syndromes Managementwith Eric Letovsky, Mark Mensour & Neil Fam

Episode 15 P1 Acute Coronary Syndromes Risk Stratificationwith Eric Letovsky, Mark Mensour & Neil Fam

Episode 14 P2 Thunderclap Headache – Cervical Artery Dissection & Cerebral Artery Thrombosiswith Anil Chopra & Stella Yiu

Episode 14 P1 Migraine Headache & Subarachnoid Hemorrhagewith Anil Chopra & Stella Yiu

Episode 13 Killer Coma Caseswith Brian Steinhart & David Carr

Episode 12 ACLS Guidelineswith Steven Brooks & Michael Feldman

Episode 11 Cognitive Decision Making & Medical Errorwith Doug Sinclair & Chris Hicks

Episode 10 Trauma Pearls & Pifallswith Dave MacKinnon & Mike Brzozowski

Episode 9 Nontraumatic Eye Emergencieswith Simon Kinsgley & George Porfiris

Episode 8 Emergency Airway Controversieswith Jonathan Sherbino, Mark Mensour & Andrew Healy

Episode 7 Medical & Surgical Emergencies in Pregnancy with Dave Dushenski & Shirley Lee

Episode 6 Transient Ischemic Attack with Walter Himmel & Dan Selchen

Episode 5 Renal Colic, Toxicology Update & Body Packerswith Lisa Thurgur & Paul Rosenberg

Episode 4 Acute Congestive Heart Failurewith Brian Steinhart & Eric Letovsky

Episode 3 Pediatric Head Injurywith Rahim Valani & Jen Riley

Episode 2 Excited Deliriumwith Margaret Thompson & Dan Cass

Episode 1 Occult Fractures & Dislocationwith Arun Sayal & Natalie Mamen

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