Using Twitter For Business – A Brief YouTube Video

How To Use Twitter For Business: 5 Twitter Basics For Business! 2016 YouTube video (7:33) This is a very useful brief video for the Twitter beginner from Garrett Barry’s Tips [This is a link to the author’s YouTube channel page and his channel page is an outstanding example of an effective channel page for a business – check it out.

However, I definitely wouldn’t follow the links as they are to, ultimately, a landing page selling a “how to make money online course”.  The course may be effective but I don’t know.

This is a very slick video (and I mean this as a compliment). When you click on the little “i” icon at the upper right of the video a little box pops up in the right corner that says “Free Twitter Guide – click here now” you’re taken to a landing page  with the following visual:


When you click on “CLICK HERE . . .”  you get a popup:

fig2So you type in your email and click “GET FREE ACCESS

So then you are taken to a page with a brief embedded YouTube video at >>>>>>>>>>. So you watch the video and the end of the video you are asked to click “CONTINUE TO THE NEXT STEP”.

And when you click the above button you are taken to another web page with another embedded video >>>>>>>>>>> which an affiliate link, meaning Garrett is an affiliate of this gentleman.

The gentleman in this affiliate landing page is selling a course. I don’t know how much it costs although I’m guessing a lot. You have to put in your credit card number to find out. And I didn’t.

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