Determining Pediatric Developmental Milestones From PedsCases

Surveillance of Pediatric Developmental Milestones is, of course, a critical part of the the Well Baby and the Well Child Visit.

And it can be an important part of the pediatric evaluation in many pediatric acute care visits. One example in which determination of Pediatric Milestones can be critical is in the determination of whether an apparent BRUE is really a low risk BRUE or something more sinister. An abnormal pediatric milestones determination could be very worrisome in this circumstance.

See the outstanding post, Developmental Milestones by chris.novak Jan 15, 2015 from

I have included the Pediatric Development Charts from the above post.

[Note to myself: Be sure and rereview the excellent text of the above post as it contains valuable information on effectively using the charts.]

I recently reviewed the 2016 AAP BRUE guideline: Brief Resolved Unexplained Events (Formerly Apparent Life-Threatening Events) and Evaluation of Lower-Risk Infants [PubMed Abstract] [Full Text HTML] [Full Text PDF]. Pediatrics. 2016 May;137(5).

Please see my post, for additional information on how I determine if an episode that is actually frightening to the care giver qualifies as a low-risk BRUE that requires no or minimal evaluation*.

*Is It A Brief Resolved Unexplained Event (BRUE) In The Infant Or Something More Serious? Posted on May 17, 2019 by Tom Wade MD

Here is the Pediatric Developmental Milestones Chart from


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