“EM Quick Hits 11 Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury, Physostigmine, TEE in Cardiac Arrest, Understanding Nystagmus, Subtle Inferior MI, Choicebo”

Another awesome EM Quick Hits podcast, EM Quick Hits 11, [Link is to the podcast and show notes] from Emergency Medicine Cases:

Here is the timeline of each of the topics:

Topics in this EM Quick Hits podcast

Emily Austin on physostigmine for anticholinergic toxidrome (1:02)

Walter Himmel on understanding nystagmus to differentiate central vs peripheral causes of vertigo (07:00)

Rob Devins on the role of transesophageal echocardiogram in cardiac arrest (18:43)

Jesse MacLaren on nuances in inferior MI ECG changes and aVL (25:06)

Andrew Petrosoniak on a practical approach to blunt cerebrovascular injury (29:43)

Reuben Strayer on choicebo (38:46)

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