“First Aid For Burns” From EMC 124

Here is the link to Emergency Medicine Cases’ “Ep 124 Burn and Inhalation Injuries: ED Wound Care, Resuscitation and Airway Management“, May, 2019. Episode 124 is an awesome minicourse that is 1:44:43 long.

Here are the notes from the section below:

First Aid For Burns From EMC 124

7:30 – 10:30

What not to do: ice causes severe vasoconstriction and can even deepen the burn. Toothpaste is also harmful given the effects of fluoride.

What to do: run cold water for at least 20 minutes. Evidence suggests that this can reduce pain and edema, reduce the depth of the burn, decrease the overall inflammatory response, improve the speed of wound healing, and minimize scarring.

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