A Link To “Hypovolemic Shock in a Child: A Pediatric Simulation Case” With Links To Additional Simulation Case Resources

Hypovolemic Shock in a Child: A Pediatric Simulation Case from MedEdPortal – The Journal Of Teaching And Learning Resources. Published March 16, 2018 by Molly Rideout, MD, William Raszka, MD.

There are currently 627 simulation cases on The MedEdPortal. I went through the entire list of simulation cases. These cases are an awesome resource for all clinicians at every learning level (students, MDs, NPs, PAs, EMTs, and Paramedics).

Here are just some of the great simulation resources available to all of us learners at no cost!

Prehospital Rapid Sequence Intubation in a Blunt Trauma Patient: A Case for High-Fidelity Simulation in Prehospital Medicine

Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice: Application to Neonatal Resuscitation

Fever and Seizure in a Young Infant: A Simulation Case

A Global Rating Scale and Checklist Instrument for Pediatric Laceration Repair

Pediatric Simulation Cases for Primary Care Providers: Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Seizure in the Office

Four Standardized Patient Cases for the Infectious Diseases Fellow

Acute Hypoxemia in Infants With Cyanotic Complex Cardiac Anatomy: Simulation Cases for Pediatric Fellows

ICU Emergencies Simulation Curriculum for Critical Care Fellows: Neurologic Emergencies

Pediatric Toxidrome Simulation Curriculum: Liquid Nicotine Overdose

Pediatric Needle Cricothyrotomy: A Case for Simulation in Prehospital Medicine

Troubleshooting Postintubation Hypoxia: A Simulation Case for Emergency Medicine Residents

General Anesthesia for a Posttonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy Bleed

Hypovolemic Shock in a Child: A Pediatric Simulation Case

Intrapartum Maternal Cardiac Arrest: A Simulation Case for Multidisciplinary Providers

Difficulty Breathing With a Rash: A Pediatric Simulation Case for Residents and Fellows

Entrustable Professional Activity 10: Recognizing the Acutely Ill Patient—A Delirium Simulated Case for Students in Emergency Medicine

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Boot Camp: A Preparatory Curriculum for Pediatric Residents

Emergency Obstetrics for the Emergency Medicine Provider

Low-Cost Laparoscopic Skill Training for Medical Students Using Homemade Equipment

Standardized Checklist for Otoscopy Performance Evaluation: A Validation Study of a Tool to Assess Pediatric Otoscopy Skills

Wet Lab–Based Cataract Surgery Training Curriculum for the PGY 2/PGY 3 Ophthalmology Resident

Anesthesia Core Skill Simulation Package for Anesthesia Newbies

Obstetric Bleeding Curriculum

Simulation Case: Neonate With Fever Requiring IO Line

Pediatric Bronchospasm During General Anesthesia

Induction of Anesthesia for a Patient With Undiagnosed Aortic Stenosis

Anesthesia Simulator – Case 5 – Anaphylactic Reaction

Emergency Medicine Simulation Scenario: First-Trimester “Septic” Abortion

PIGS (Porcine Integrated General Surgery Simulation) Curriculum

Introduction to Pediatrics: A Patient with Difficult Intravenous Access

Low-Cost, Easy-to-Assemble Neonatal Procedural Trainers: Chest Tube, Pericardiocentesis, and Exchange Transfusion

Shoulder Dystocia in Labor and Delivery: Interprofessional Team Response

Pediatric Toxidrome Simulation Curriculum: Cholinergic Toxidrome

Pediatric Airway Foreign Body Training Experience

Rapid Sequence Induction

18 Month Old Male with Incomplete Kawasaki Disease

Peds Simulation Case: Kawasaki Disease

Toxic Ingestion/Acute Tricyclic Antidepressant (TCA) Ingestion




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