Health Care Startups – Some Great Resources From Dr. Liu, Health Care Innovator

Dr. Liu of Icebreaker Health* has written a number of useful articles on innovative health care startups. I’ve reviewed each of the three below. Each is contains useful links to a number of innovative health care startups.

*The company operates online as Lemonaid Health to provide “$25 online doctor consultations. Get your medicines delivered or pick them up at a local pharmacy.”


(1) Will integrated health care startups make health care better?
DAVIS LIU, MD | TECH | AUGUST 3, 2016 from

The above post discusses Oscar – “We do health insurance differently — with more coverage, less hassle, and perks that give you the most value for your premium.” [Link is to company website where all the benefits and features are discussed.]

The NY Times article, Health Insurer Hoped to Disrupt the Industry, but Struggles in State Marketplaces June 19, 2016, discusses the difficulties Oscar has faced.

The above post discusses some of the things Oscar is doing to compete:

Like other insurers, Oscar was unable to manage the patient experience and the medical costs of their contracted networks. As a result, Oscar will be asking New York regulators to “raise rates by a weighted average of nearly 20 percent for 2017.”

So to improve costs and the patient experience, Oscar is now creating a virtual call center. It will provide primary care and urgent care via telehealth. A recent job posting for a virtual primary care physician listed the clinical responsibilities of not only treating the top 20 common diagnoses but also other health care conditions by using labs, imaging and accessing specialists and community health resources. Oscar doctors “will also work side-by-side with our technology and product teams to build new tools that will let us care for our members virtually.”

In other words, Oscar Health will use virtual primary care physicians to help manage their costs and utilization while also managing the perception of their brand. Launch is expected sometime in 2016.

Next the post discusses Zoom+Care.

(2) Millennials want convenient care
DAVIS LIU, MD | TECH | OCTOBER 27, 2018 from

(3) Moving primary care to the cloud: A bold, new vision

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