How To Make The Right Way, the Easiest Way (in Obstetric Care), A TEDMED Talk From Bristol Health Partners

This YouTube video is a  presentation by Dr. Tim Draycott, Obstetrics, of how his hospital in Bristol, became the safest place in the world for women to have a baby! This came about when they developed and implemented a team training course, Practical Obstetric Multi-Professional Training (PROMPT). He states that institutions all over the world are using these methods to achieve the same results for their patients. This video is a part of TEDMED Live Bristol 2013 talks from Bristol Health Partners (the other talks are also worth looking at).

You can learn more about TEDMED by clicking on the link. The PROMPT Manual is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

A quick Google search did not reveal any upcoming PROMPT courses in the US. However, there may be courses taking place but not publicized because the focus of the PROMPT course is training teams at institutions.

 In the United States, you might look into enrolling in the Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics course.


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