Link To And Excerpts From Dr. Reuben Streyer’s Video And Post “Bougie Molding During Laryngoscopy”

In this In this post I link to and excerpt from Dr. Reuben Streyer’s outstanding Emergency Medicine Updates‘ video and post on Bougie Molding During Laryngoscopy DECEMBER 30, 2020.

Here are excerpts from the post:

There is lots / of / evidence / that / using / a / bougie will increase your intubation success rate, compared to a styletted endotracheal tube. This is because the bougie is much smaller and easier to maneuver than an ETT, and does not block your view of the target at the last moment, as is often the case with a styletted tube. The Coudé tip allows operators to successfully intubate  grade 3, epiglottis-only views, which means if you are practiced with the bougie and can get a view of the epiglottis, you will be able to intubate.

This 4-minute video discusses the conventional floppy vs. newer malleable bougies and presents a case where molding a malleable bougie during laryngoscopy turned what could have been a very difficult airway with limited mouth opening into straightforward procedure, even for a junior operator.

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