Links To And Excerpts From EMCrit 275 – NeuroCritical Care with Dr. Neha Dangayach

In this post I link to and excerpt from EMCrit 275 – NeuroCritical Care with Neha Dangayach.  by 

Note to myself: The show notes, which I’ve excerpted below are outstanding. However, the podcast itself should be reviewed over and over. The lecture has much more than just the great show notes. is an outstanding source of information on neurology and neurocritical care.

All that follows is from the above podcast and show notes.

Neha’s Slides


Video the CT with phone

2 person job

scroll through every image of axial head ct q 2 seconds

Scroll through CTA MIPs, axial and coronal (sag is a bonus)



Blood Pressure

Specify how often to cycle BP cuff

Ischemic Stroke


Who to Intubate and Neuroprotective Intubation


Which Osmotic Agent for ICP

Platelet Reversal

Recent paper shows no benefit from PLTs or dDAVP in non-neurosurg bleeds [10.1097/CCM.0000000000004348]

Status Epilepticus

Choice of 2nd Line Agent

Keppra 60mg/kg (1/2 the dose in ESRD)

General Anesthetic of Choice is Midazolam

0.2 mg/kg bolus

start infusion 0.2 mg/kg/hr

titrate up every 5 minutes

max 2.9 mg/kg/hr

when getting close to 1mg/kg/hr, give ketamine 1mg/kg followed by 1 mg/kg/hr

Cirrhotics, get propofol

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