Links To And Excerpts From Medical Evaluation of Bruising – CPS Podcast From PedsCases

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In this post I link to and excerpt from the outstanding PedsCases podcast and show notes, Medical Evaluation of Bruising – CPS Podcast.

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by Josie.Cipolla Jun 20, 2021

This podcast is a review of the Canadian Pediatric Society’s position statement on bruising in infants and children. In this episode, learners will learn the differential diagnosis and key investigations for bruising, as well as recognize a health professional’s obligation to report injuries concerning for child abuse to the appropriate child welfare authority. This podcast was developed by Josie Cipolla, a third year medical student at McGill University, in collaboration with the lead author of this CPS statement, Dr. Michelle Ward, pediatrician and head of the Division of Child and Youth Protection at the Children’s hospital of eastern Ontario.


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