Links To Excercises In Clinical Reasoning – Problem Representation

Here are some introductory resources from the Problem Representation page of Exercises in Clinical Reasoning. I reviewed all the resources on the page which are linked to below:

Problem Representation [Introduction]

The problem representation is a one-sentence summary that highlights the defining features of a case. It helps clinicians summarize their thoughts and then generate a differential diagnosis.

A thorough problem representation should answer three questions:

  • Who Is The Patient
    • Provide patient demographics
      and risk factors
  • What is the temporal pattern?
    • Provide illness length —
      hyperacute / acute / subacute / chronic
    • Provide Illness tempo —
      stable / progressive / resolving / intermittent / waxing / waning
  • What is the clinical syndrome?
    • Provide key signs and symptoms

Problem Representation Explained [PDF]


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