Thanks To The Emergency Response Training Institute For A Great Pediatric Trauma Course

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So I just finished the Pediatric Trauma Life Support Course at IU Health’s Emergency Response Training Institute last week.

And I want to give a personal thank you to the outstanding EMS clinicians who taught this course.

The course uses the 2009 3rd edition of the book, Pediatric Trauma Life Support For Prehospital Care Providers*. The course is designed for and taught by Emergency Medical Services (EMS)  specialist clinicians (emergency RNs and paramedics).

*The book is still relevant and correct except for a few recommendations which are updated in the free download Pediatric Trauma Life Support 3rd Edition Update – 2017 Text Addendum eBook (PDF).

I strongly recommend the book and the course to all primary care clinicians (including MDs, NPs, Nurses, and PAs) so that we will know how to initiate treatment in a pediatric trauma emergency until the life squad arrives*.

*The EMS clinicians are the specialists (experts) in prehospital trauma care and we primary clinicians will appropriately hand over care when they arrive (as we do with other medical specialists). Also we don’t stop at an accident scene when the life squad is already there. The EMS specialists don’t need or want us to stop.


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