“The Flu: A Guide For Parents” From The CDC

Here is a link to the two page PDF handout that you can print from the CDC – The Flu: A Guide For Parents.

I’ve quoted the most critical information from the handout :

Protect your child

How can I protect my child from flu?

The first and best way to protect against flu is to get a yearly
flu vaccine for yourself and your child.

  • Flu vaccination is recommended for everyone 6 months
    and older every year. Flu shots and nasal spray flu
    vaccines are both options for vaccination.
  • It’s especially important that young children and children with certain long-term health problems get vaccinated.
  • Caregivers of children at high risk of flu complications
    should get a flu vaccine. (Babies younger than 6 months are at high risk for serious flu complications, but too young to get a flu vaccine.)
  • Pregnant women should get a flu vaccine to protect
    themselves and their baby from flu. Research shows that flu vaccination protects the baby from flu for several months after birth.
  • Flu viruses are constantly changing and so flu vaccines
    are updated often to protect against the flu viruses that
    research indicates are most likely to cause illness during the upcoming flu season.

And here is a copy of The Flu: A Guide For Parents:

Page 1 of 2

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