The Indianapolis Metropolitan Area EMS Protocols 2014

I met Steve, an old friend, at Starbuck’s yesterday (1-21-2024). Steve is an EMT and practices with Searle Ambulance Service. He was reviewing the new Indianapolis Metropolitan Area EMS Protocols 2014 which are also available online. He let me look through the book and I think it is a very useful resource for all healthcare providers.

After Steve and I finished visiting, I went online and reviewed the book in some detail. It is excellent and I will be posting some of the protocols online over the next few weeks for my potential use. But, you don’t have to wait. Go ahead and download the whole book to your devices.

The section on Cardiovascular Emergencies is based on the latest 2010 AHA Guidelines and is excellent. Cardiovascular Emergencies are quickly and completely covered from page 45 to page 56 of the 118 page pdf manual.

 Thanks, Steve, for the resource.

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