“Why Do People Believe in Hell?” – Link To An Interesting New York Times Article

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Here’s an example of one of their interesting articles:

Why Do People Believe in Hell?

The idea of eternal damnation is neither biblically, philosophically nor morally justified. But for many it retains a psychological allure. By David Bentley Hart
Dr. Hart is a philosopher, scholar of religion and cultural critic. Jan. 10, 2020.

David Bentley Hart is the author, most recently, of “That All Shall Be Saved: Heaven, Hell, and Universal Salvation.”


Some have argued that that the belief in hell is a useful means of social control for the economic and political elite. Through the elite’s control of religious doctrines [often indirect and not obvious] religious beliefs, including the belief in the existence of hell, can facilitate elite goals.

An example of such goals is safeguarding the property rights [demands] of the super rich over the needs of the desperately poor.

Here are some thoughts from Dr. Sagan:



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