YouTube Video: “Kosmos Echonous – Ultrascoundrels review the device” With Dr. Phillipe Rola, The VEXUS Expert

In this post, I link to and embed the YouTube video, Kosmos Echonous – Ultrascoundrels review the device*, by Dr. Johnny Wilkinson, 27:10, Dec. 11, 2021.

This video features Dr. Phillipe Rola, the expert on VEXUS. He is an awesome medical educator. His section of the video runs from 5:25-15:30.

Here are some of the great educational resources that Dr. Rola has provided for all clinicians.

*Note to readers: I recommend that you watch the video on YouTube. Doing so on the YouTube site allows you to follow along with the autogenerated transcript which is usually very accurate. Also, check out Dr. Wilkinson’s YouTube Playlists. The playlists contain awesome resources for Critical Care Medicine and for POCUS.

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