An Online Video Exercise Course From Harvard Health Publishing

Please note: I am not recommending any of these resources at this time, as I have not yet had an opportunity to evaluate them.

Starting To Exercise is an online video course from Harvard Health Publishing that costs $39.95 or $29.95 with a coupon. Here are some excerpts from the web page:

n Harvard Health Publishing’s first-ever online course…
41 exercises that will fight aging…boost your health and vitality…and keep you looking and feeling years younger!

All exercise is good, but some exercises are better than others. These are the exercises that will make a measureable and lasting difference in your health and longevity. These are the exercises you’ll meet — and master — in Starting to Exercise, the online course from the doctors and wellness experts at Harvard Medical School.

This valuable program highlights forty-one exercises that together will help you achieve greater overall fitness. It includes aerobic workouts for better cardiovascular health, strength training for your bones and muscles, plus essential balance and flexibility exercises.

You’ll learn how to get the most out of each exercise…how to “amp up” the challenge…how to measure your performance…and maintain your motivation.

PLUS, Starting to Exercise contains instructive videos in which master trainers demonstrate the proper technique for exercises including stationary lunges, hip extensions, and an everyday cardio workout…AND, you’ll also find a downloadable exercise planning worksheet, week-by-week training guides…tips for exercising safely, for keeping workouts fresh and fun, and much more.

Plus 7 Bonus videos

So I purchased the course to see if it is worth recommending and I was taken to the Learner Dashboard. There I filled out a questionnaire providing the site some marketing information [age, sex, etc].

And at the bottom of the Learner Dashboard was an opportunity to purchase two more online courses:

6 Week Plan For Healthy Eating – $29.95 – View Details

Cognitive Fitness Course – $29.95 – View Details

At the bottom of the web page:

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