Link To Podcast “Episode 6: Your guide to TEG, ROTEM and the Medical Betamax Vs VHS Battle” From The Surge With An Additional Resource

Note to myself:

This was a nice introduction to the subject as I’ve only heard the terms TEG and ROTEM and some bits and pieces about them on medical podcasts.

But I don’t need to watch this video again as there are other resources that I think will be more helpful for additional learning.

Also remember that if I do want to review this lecture, I should do so on YouTube as I can rapidly read and review the auto-generated text that accompanies the video.

Please see the link to the article in Additional References below for more on TEG and ROTEM.

Here is the link to the YouTube video of Episode 6: Your guide to TEG, ROTEM and the Medical Betamax Vs VHS Battle, April 18, 2017  by Saud  from The Surge: Trauma. Critical Care. Surgery.*

*There are only 10 posts with the last one being Episode 10: Optimal ICU rounding
May 27, 2017 Saud.


Additional Resources:

(1) A Simplified Treatment-Based Approach to TEG and ROTEM
6/11/2018 Adam Morcom, MD from EM Resident.


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